Shining serpent

The joke is: What does Snoop Dogg use to wash his clothes?

Can ya'll see me from there? Picture me rollin'.

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colin said...

I like Tupac. I listened to some Makaveli today. You know those guys like Tupac? Do you like Tupac? Let's be friends. Enjoy.

5/25/2004 8:50 PM  
Anonymous said...


If those two Idiots could survive ninja training and get their guitars,

and then return from the dead.

Can we expect to see a return of the mustashed owl some time in the future?

Just wondering...

~Horney Ornothologist~

5/27/2004 6:05 AM  
colin said...

Only time will tell. Hoot.

5/27/2004 7:55 PM  

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