Splish splash

It's like in that movie 'Secretary' except not hot.

In which the master's hope for an undetected incursion are dashed by our hero's clumsiness.

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colin said...

I think I may try to do double-size strips on Fridays. No promises or anything.

No one I asked guessed correctly, but the background on the last panel of the last strip is an Incan warrior named Tupac Amaru, who Tupac Shakur was named for. His name means 'Shining Serpent' and he led a revolt against the Spanish who were forcing his people to farm potatoes against their will.

History is weird, no?

5/27/2004 7:50 PM  
colin said...

I also just added a Subscription feature using Yahoo! groups. It means you'll get a honkin' big advertisement along with the strip, but that's the price you pay for not having to visit the site religiously.

Subscribe or not as you wish. I just like to offer you folks options.

5/27/2004 8:41 PM  

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