Like a milkshake


In which the confrontation is made, along with a startling discovery.

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colin said...

I'm sorry this strip isn't funny. I'm just trying to wrap up this storyline.

I'm also sorry I sent the subscribers 3 messages. First the strip with the wrong image. Then, a fixed post with the HTML posted as text. Then, a weak apology.

I'm glad there's only like 5 of you. Again. Sorry about that.

Double size grand finale in two-days!

6/08/2004 8:03 PM  
Anonymous said...

dont worry about it dude .. everybody has bad days, mistakes, whatever. the point is you're still churning out a kickass strip. keep at it! :)

6/09/2004 8:06 AM  
Anonymous said...

Don't worry Colin, your strips were never funny.

I don't know why I've been reading up to this point, as this strip is not only unfunny, but derivitive of the lowest forms of nerd humor as well. The only reason that I can concieve that explains my continued presence here is that this strip is like a car crash or bad porno: too terrible to enjoy, but impossible to ignore because of the possibility of them getting intriguingly more so.

Unless, of course, that was your intention from the beginning. In which case I bow to you, good sir, or give a hearty 'Ayyyyyyeeeee!' or something.

11/06/2005 7:13 PM  
Anonymous said...

I luv your strip, ignore the fools. I want an electro-moustace.

11/09/2005 9:41 PM  

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