Live devil

Is it closure, or am I tired of this plotline?

There can be no happiness here, for the earthly realm belongs to him.

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colin said...

It's late, but it's TRIPLE SIZED! This concludes the pirate/ninja/emperor plotline that went on way too long. From here on out, I'll try to do shorter, week-length plots. Got to keep in funny for the new readers too, right.


6/11/2004 9:44 PM  
Kuma said...

Hey, Colin!

First of all - crackin' comic.

Second of all - why did you have to swap out the mustache guy? Did someone complain?

6/11/2004 10:37 PM  
colin said...


Call it insurance against a future inevitability. No complaints, but with the growing popularity of the strip, I wanted to cut it off at the pass, as it were.

6/14/2004 8:56 AM  

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