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The guy really did tell me to shake it.  For serious.

Besides his formidible strength, considerable looks, and fly ride, he also bakes.

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colin said...

In case you didn't catch the comment at the tail end of the last strip, my cable modem is hosed. Which means I'm updating the strip from work until (hopefully) Wednesday. What this means until I'm set back up is evening updates, and the delay of the launch of my t-shirt store.

I'm very sorry.

Forgive me?

6/21/2004 4:25 PM  
shozo said...

we accept no excuses. give us the shirts.

6/21/2004 9:03 PM  
Anonymous said...

UNFORGIVABLE!..... ok, i forgive you.

6/22/2004 7:45 AM  
Anonymous said...

babys come from pa-ginas... DEATH to you for not updating!


6/22/2004 6:18 PM  
Kuma said...


6/22/2004 10:58 PM  
shozo said...

i just realized that all of the "news posts" i thought i was reading have actually been comments not only by the author, but my various readers... im so retarded. where are the god damned shirts? did god damn them indeed? FORWITH AND HENCEFORTH and so on and so forth.

6/23/2004 9:08 AM  
Anonymous said...

The Rob thinks you need to update today! :D

6/23/2004 10:25 AM  
colin said...

Still no modem as of this morning, so no update until this evening. You bunch of damn slave drivers!

6/23/2004 11:27 AM  
Hilda said...

Once again, your talents have put a smile on my face... am making a small PayPal donation to your beer/bandwith fund... don't spend it all on martinis.

6/23/2004 1:09 PM  
Becca said...

I'm sure you love the attention... just like we love the comic strip... (:

6/23/2004 4:42 PM  

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