Shh. Shh.


You are never so clever that you can't be cut down.

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colin said...

Keep your fingers crossed for my modem, people. I don't have cable and I don't have a home phone. I've been having to READ during the evening. Or play Vice City.


Talk to the hand.

6/23/2004 5:08 PM  
Anonymous said...

Speaking of hands, what's up with the disembodied hand holding up the ninja's phone?

That's one ninja trick that could come in real handy for playing Counterstrike :)

6/23/2004 9:46 PM  
Anonymous said...

Jesus Quintana.

Freakin' beautiful, man.


6/23/2004 11:24 PM  
colin said...

So, I wake up this morning and there are THREE lights on my "broken" modem. Let's hope it lasts, since when I stopped by my rental office to pick up my replacement, the sign on the door said "Back at 1:30". This was at 9:30. That's a long-ass lunch break.

Anyways, hopefully the connection will last so's I can get back on track.

6/24/2004 7:32 AM  
colin said...

Oh, also, the Jesus Quintana thing is a little homage to the Lebowski Fest that just went down. Some friends of friends got second place in the costume contest by going in tandem as 'Three thousand years of beautiful tradition', namely one fellow dressed up as Moses, and the other as Sandy Koufax.

How cool is that?

6/24/2004 7:45 AM  

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