Pent-up rage

Hyundais are laughable automobiles.  Monster pee will not even make them worse.

In which Michael's anger at Louise's jabs becomes manifest... and green.

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colin said...

Since I'm so late, I made a triple-sized one. This strip took a long time. Longer than I wanted it to, but I'm pleased. More t-shirts tomorrow. Thanks for everyone who's ordered so far.

In case you were wondering, Pirates are in the lead, 2 to 1 against Ninjas.

Check back later this weekend for the full shirt store and a contest announcement.

7/02/2004 8:08 PM  
colin said...

The Angry Dome said something very nice about me.

Pirates + Ninjas + Google = Love

"Readers of Douglas Adams may recall the Nutrimatic machine as being a drinks dispenser that was supposed to create the perfect beverage based on your personal tastes. If there were a machine like that for Comics, and I used it, it would surely come up with Pathetic, Inc., which is a comic that incredibly contains both of my favorite classes of fictionalized murderer: pirates and ninjas! The special thing about Pathetic, Inc. is that it is made entirely out of photos found using the Google Images service. That is so cool I could just die. Check it out mang."

Don't that beat all?

7/02/2004 8:44 PM  
colin said...

T-shirt shop is now fully online. Check the banner there in the masthead. Please email me at and let me know how you like it, even if you ain't getting a shirt.


7/03/2004 3:49 PM  

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