Unquiet mind

That is a fly candelabra.  And he got that picture frame at Pier 1.

If you're not doing anything wrong, why must you lie about it?

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colin said...

Not much to post here. There's more to the Krep Beer storyline, but I'm not quite ready to wrap it up yet. Let's see where this little gem leads, shall we?

Also, if I had a forum of some sort, would you people hang out on it and talk about things?

email colin.theriot@gmail.com if you think you would.

7/11/2004 11:09 PM  
jenna042584 said...

hi omg this is the most awesome thing i have ever seen, if i wasn't such an honnest artsy i would totally appropriate the idea and call it my own.
keep up the good work, the mouse overs are key!

7/12/2004 3:38 PM  
Anonymous said...

well i'd be sure to be there. not sure if i'd have anything worthwhile to say besides that

my pokemon cards bring all the boys to the yard.
they're like its better than yours... damn right its better than yours..
i could trade you but not my charizard...

or some jive.

<3 wonderbread.

7/12/2004 7:59 PM  
Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Got a question for ya. Got any images to use to link to you?

7/13/2004 11:48 PM  
Anonymous said...

Whoops, found it. If you have anything bigger, let me know.

7/14/2004 1:17 PM  

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