Pulpish fiction

Maybe he just didn't want to mess up his grill.

Was it fear or his conscience that stayed his hand?

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colin said...

Not too much to comment on. Got the first batch of shirt blanks in on Saturday. Going to start pressing next week. I'm going ot try and make a couple of new designs this week, but I have family visiting, so no promises.


7/18/2004 11:40 PM  
Anonymous said...

Ah! So nice of you to have added "title" properties to the images now. I was right-click->Properties-ING on every one, just so as not to miss out on that extra level of commentary. The Mozilla Krew thanks you :D


7/19/2004 5:52 AM  
colin said...

RE: the title tag. When I get a chance, I'm going to correct the backlog as well. You shouldn't thank me, you should thank my webmaster, who informed me of that particular discrepancy. Glad you guys are getting the whole enchilada now.

Hopefully, you enjoy enchiladas.

7/19/2004 8:08 AM  
shozo said...

i love the rice rocket!

stereotypes RULE!

7/19/2004 8:34 AM  

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