Reader mail - Part 1

FYI, Hector will also straight steal your woman.  He's shifty.  He's funny looking, I know.  But ladies love him.

Popularity on the internet means funny email and pictures of boobs (Please, please, please).

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colin said...

Yes, that is actual an email I got. It's the most intersting one I've gotten, and thought that it was too funny an idea not to do. As for the sender, sorry for your situation, and sorry I felt the juvenile need to have a laugh at your expense. I am an awful, awful man.

Not as bad as Hector though.

But let this serve as encouragement to all you readers out there. If I get more funny email, I'll probably do more of these. And girls, seriously. I've had this website 8 months and not a single boob photo. I don't know who taught you to use the internet, but they did it WRONG.

Have a good weekend. Go Braves!

7/30/2004 1:20 AM  
Anonymous said...

is Captain B somehow related to this B ?

7/30/2004 7:32 AM  
colin said...

Of course he is. This is an homage. Achewood's one of my favorites. The email text is sort of modelled after the Strong Bad emails at Homestar Runner as well.

7/30/2004 7:39 AM  
Anonymous said...

Colin, I'd flash my chest if only I had boobs; alas, only pecks rest below my neck.

7/30/2004 8:33 AM  
Anonymous said...

Y'know, Colin, I'm soooo very tempted to send you a photo of my forms, now...


7/30/2004 10:35 PM  

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