Postal emasculation

This is a true conversation.

You must represent yourself truly to the world at all times and in all things.

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colin said...

There's more to the Rap Battle storyline. I'll get back to it after a couple of non-sequiter strips to cleanse the palate. All this weeks strips will be based on true conversations I've had recently, that I thought were funny enough to make strips out of.

I hope everyone likes them.

8/16/2004 10:51 PM  
Corey said...

flower stamps are for grannies and the gays!

8/17/2004 7:36 AM  
Davecat said...

Colin -

I've been enjoying the strip ever since you started it. Just had two questions, though:

1) Is your name pronounced 'Colin Therioux' or 'Colin the Riot'?

2) The guy on the left in today's strip has dodgy, Shannen Doherty-like eyes.

Okay, so No.2 wasn't a question. Sorry!

8/17/2004 11:41 AM  
colin said...

Answer to question numero uno. It's pronounced so as to rhyme with "stereo". First name pronounced to rhyme with "Stalin" as opposed to "stolen".

"Stalin Stereo" is a good band name. I hereby TM it in the name of The Law! And all interations therof, including but not limited to "Stereo Stalin", "Stalin in Stereo","Stereo in Stalin" et al.

8/17/2004 4:27 PM  
Anonymous said...

hehe, it's probably better that your first name doesn't rhyme with 'stolen'
And I always giggle a little when people talk about colen powell.
p.s. dude, that's guys been in the strip from the beginning, what are you talking about?

8/18/2004 7:48 AM  
Anonymous said...

"Stolen Stereo" would be even better, I think.

8/18/2004 7:53 PM  
Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure you can hereby a copyright, but not a trademark. trademarks need paperwork filed and shit.


8/19/2004 12:39 PM  
Anonymous said...

I love my flower stamps.

I love to lick them and stick them all over my kitty, Mr Stampy.

11/06/2005 7:52 PM  

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