Gentleman's elixir

Bring your own cocktail onions when you visit Georgia.  For serious.

He puts onions in his "Dutch Courage" because he likes to throw down.

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colin said...

Seriously. Bring your own cocktail onions. 1 for 5. Seriously.

So, anyone going to DragonCon? Because I'm thinking of being there. And drinking. Wanna come with? Email me.

8/24/2004 8:39 PM  
colin said...

Also, I'm making a forum. What all types of boards should I have in there, do you think? Email me.

Do it. Come on.

Do it.

8/24/2004 8:44 PM  
Anonymous said...

lovin' the "rocker" shirt...

8/25/2004 6:20 AM  
Anonymous said...

The Rob says:

Do it. Doooo it.

8/25/2004 7:21 AM  
Anonymous said...

The "rocker" shirt is from Diesel Sweeties! I almost missed that!

8/25/2004 10:05 AM  
Anonymous said...

"dinobot has spoken, my rigid grill structure!"

darn it! and i thought it might be the only one to notice the rocker t-shirt... ya know-- them boys should be sippin some Old E HG! hellz yeah!


8/25/2004 12:11 PM  
Anonymous said...

Colin, drinking an cons. are nice and all. But where are our shirts?

Do it. Come on -- do it.

8/25/2004 12:26 PM  
shozo said...


8/25/2004 11:07 PM  

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