Hairless Druids

Because Stonehenge is an interesting and unusual place, dig?

How much is rumour and how much is hearsay is hard to say.

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colin said...

There's a little icon up there (next to permanent link) now so you can email the strip to people, if you are so inclined. Sorry the schedule's off this week, I've been swamped at work.

I may have a strip for tomorrow, but it IS poker night, so don't hold your breath waiting, eh?

8/26/2004 3:56 PM  
Corey said...

Shaving near the Bermuda Triangle has said to have entrancing effects as well...

8/27/2004 8:57 AM  
colin said...

Just go ahead and try and find a picture of the Bermuda Triangle though.

8/27/2004 9:10 AM  
shozo said...

8/27/2004 9:22 AM  
colin said...

Okay, smartass. One that's identifiable on sight. Put that shit in a thought balloon and see who knows what it is.

8/27/2004 10:03 AM  
assasinine said...

Isn't a home brewer drinking a Zima some sort of fucking contradiction?

8/27/2004 11:54 AM  
colin said...

It turns out they won't let you bring your own beer into the club. What assholes, right?

8/27/2004 3:09 PM  

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