Fisher Price

I used to have the tape recorder too, back in the day.

The thing about dealing with the Devil is that it always feels like a fair trade at the time.

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colin said...

As I post this, I'm tweaking the new shirts. They'll be up in mere hours. Mere Hours!

8/30/2004 5:50 PM  
colin said...

And there they are, as you can see from the banner up top. Unstoppable Wang, and Krep Beer. Hope you all like them. Now to move on to working on this forum. You'uns better post all up in there.


8/30/2004 6:40 PM  
Corey said...

Awesome, indeed.

8/31/2004 7:48 AM  
ViniTheHat said...

Dude, isnt there a way you can make the Krep shirt w/ a much LARGER image? 4x7? that's pretty much the size of a beer label.

9/01/2004 6:00 AM  
Anonymous said...

Lauffing mine arse arf! And topical, too... Just like the ointment! I smoked a BIG cigar as promised to celebrate yo' auspicious news, as promised. A Punch, I believe it were. Yo' comic is some SICK SHIT! I AM SOOOO PROUD!
Later gator,

a.k.a. Pasbon

9/02/2004 11:46 AM  

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