Bad blood

The 78 adapter is BUILT IN!

He relies on the voices to guide his hand when he is unsure.

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colin said...

Maybe I should change the posting schedule to two days a week, since that's what I'm doing anyway, huh?

I have a nice long weekend ahead of me, and I have some story ideas I want to flesh out for next week. Everyone have a good Labor Day weekend.

9/03/2004 10:44 AM  
Anonymous said...



9/03/2004 3:27 PM  
colin said...

What's that supposed to mean?

9/04/2004 11:21 AM  
ViniTheHat said...

just got your shirt colin.

go here:
even though i love your shirt...

i want better shirts.

these guys do the shirts for:
dieselsweeties, scary go round, wigu, etc.. etc..

plz. plzplzplz.

9/04/2004 6:11 PM  
colin said...

Glad you like the shirt. If you want better ones, buy more. All the profit goes towards an eventual run of screen printed shirts. I don't have the money to invest in advance screen printing at the moment. So for the time being, I'll have to continue making shirts to order. The upside is, I have many many styles and variations available. Many more than I could have if I was printing in advance. In fact, I have yet to make the same shirt twice.

As the site grows in popularity, I hope that the quality and variety of merchandise will increase too. For now though, aren't you glad knowing I lovingly hand-made your shirt. For serious. I touched it and cut out the transfer by hand and everything.


9/05/2004 12:40 AM  
Corey said...

speakin' of shirts, did you ever get my order?

9/05/2004 12:50 AM  
Anonymous said...

How many shirts HAVE you sold? o_O

9/06/2004 2:46 AM  
ViniTheHat said...

yeah, i noticed that. i ran your finger prints and found a "sample" on it.

id like you to meet your new son, "colintheriotinajar"

9/06/2004 6:01 AM  
Anonymous said...

knowing you touched my soon to be ordered tshirt gives me a massive digi-rection. masturbation ensues. then slumber with creame filled socks.

- yarmoney

9/06/2004 7:58 PM  
Anonymous said...

Wow to the post of

9/07/2004 6:03 AM  
Anonymous said...

I say go ahead and officially make it a 2X a week thing.

9/07/2004 2:26 PM  

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