Electric pineapple

He would kill for some old-school Zelda.

The lone pirate's fickle nature betrays his vulnerability to solitude.

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colin said...

I can't believe I took eight panels to make such a lame joke. Pokemon is so 50 years ago. I go from being topical with the hurricane, to digging up fossils. I am so lame-pants.

9/09/2004 11:17 PM  
Tim O'Neil said...

Do not jock Pokemon! Pokemon kicks ass, and it always will!

I still know the words to the theme songs. Both of them, actually, even though I prefer the season one tune. But I've never played any of the games. Odd, no?

9/09/2004 11:49 PM  
Anonymous said...

Krrrrrrrrep meets Survivor?


9/10/2004 2:47 AM  
colin said...

Tim, Tim, Tim. I'm not jocking Pokemon. What happens when you jock Pokemon? Apparently you go crazy and talk to pinapples. I have enough trouble with bananas.

9/10/2004 7:59 AM  
Anonymous said...

Don't ya get it? It's like Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball in "Castaway."

9/10/2004 9:31 AM  
Anonymous said...

Does that pineapple run on double or triple A's?

9/10/2004 3:47 PM  
colin said...

The pineapple runs on vitamin C. Its fresh squeezed juice contains 100% of your minimum daily allowance as approved by the US FDA. Honest to Jeebus.

9/10/2004 4:15 PM  
Anonymous said...

i run on 8.1% apv beer. old english 800 HG. now thats some sexin.


9/12/2004 7:36 AM  
MexiDan said...

Some people have fruit fetishes, i'd hate to meet the guy who loves pineapples... M. Delano... I'm looking in your direction

9/12/2004 2:27 PM  

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