Strange shadows

Who says no one knows how to pronounce ancient Mayan?

The pirate will soon discover that his desert island is not deserted.

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colin said...

I apologize for the above strip not being funny. At least it's on time!

9/12/2004 11:48 PM  
Anonymous said...

So great. Now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Time to Irish up this coffee.


9/13/2004 6:42 AM  
inside_the_outside_box said...

Pine-a-chew, use MaiTie Bolt...GO!

Ok...thats kinds wrong.


9/13/2004 9:15 AM  
Anonymous said...

It's the Mayan version of Team Rocket! Do they have a coconut they call Meowth?

9/13/2004 11:03 AM  
Anonymous said...

Why do these Pokemon gags amuse me so.

9/13/2004 2:54 PM  
colin said...

Yo. Assasinine put the forum up a while back, and I've taken a little time to set it up. Jump in there and sign up, get your friends to sign up, get scrappy.

I look forward to having deep, meaningful discussions about various topics with all of you.


9/13/2004 5:44 PM  
colin said...

For all you people who want a clicky link.

9/13/2004 5:48 PM  
Tim O'Neil said...

Man, this strip just keeps getting funnier and funnier. Pokemon gags are like the Rolls Royce of internet humor: they always belong to rich people.


9/13/2004 10:03 PM  
Anonymous said...

jack daniels and capri sun big pouch A+. pinapple-chu is sexin

9/14/2004 12:37 PM  

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