White Messiah

So, do you have to kill an animal to get 'spare ribs'?  And if so, what happens if they get a flat?

In which the stranded pirate finds his companion, exalted on a throne of bone.

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colin said...

That throne is fro all you "Magic: The Gathering" fans. One of my favorite cards from back in the day.

9/29/2004 9:33 PM  
Davecat said...

Mad props for use ov the term 'long pig' in an online comic. :-)

9/29/2004 10:17 PM  
Anonymous said...

I thought I recognized the ole Throne o' Bone... nice

10/01/2004 10:28 AM  
MexiDan said...

COlin you great bastard, i just landed in taipei, and the first thing i did was check if you updated your comic strip, now i can enjoy the rest of my vacation in piece, by the way its 5:45am Saturday october 2nd right now, I'm in the FUUUUUTURE!

10/01/2004 2:43 PM  
Anonymous said...

They made a new card called Demon's Horn. It's exactly like Throne of Bone, except you don't have to pay any mana.

Bastards are killing the history of the game.

10/02/2004 10:39 PM  
Anonymous said...

bah, magic's been ruined for years. they first ruined it when they made the rules all fair (eg, no more than 4 of a card in a deck?!?). m:tg was at its' best when it was a pure race to SCREW each other no-holds-barred. one-to-three-turn wins should be allowed dammit...
those were the days.. holding off 20 20/20 plague rats with my fleet of 4/4 rukhs generated 4 per tern at no mana cost..

10/04/2004 12:16 PM  

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