Diabolic retcon

It's because of all the paintchips I eat that I made such a glaring mistake.

One has to climb to quite a height to fall so spectacularly far.

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Anonymous said...

C'mon everybody, give Colin a huge round of applause and CONGRATULATIONS for reaching strip #100. It's quite an accomplishment, don't you all think?

10/19/2004 7:58 PM  
Anonymous said...

FIRSTS! have broken this strips comment hymen...

on another note i didn't expect this at all... and it was good.

10/19/2004 7:58 PM  
colin said...

I'm taking a break from working to post this. Check the comments on the last strip to see how I got schooled on my own webcomic.

Last October, after finding some nerdy-looking executive portraits online, I decided to try to be funny. Making the strip brought me some levity during a tough year, and I hope everyone else has gotten some fun out of it too.

100 strips is a pretty big landmark for me, and I thank everyone who reads this. With this strip, this is the single longest continuous work I've ever done, and it's due in no small part to the fact that I have a vocal readership that inspires me to continue.

Here's looking forward to 100 more. One day, I'll be like Penny-Arcade and help sick people play video games with my massive clout.

Seriously though, this holiday, if you were going to buy a shirt from me, give the money to Child's Play instead.

Then hock some of your crap so you can afford to buy a shirt.

10/19/2004 8:03 PM  
colin said...

Wow, beat to the punch on my own comments. I was a little long-winded, I guess. I'd like to hear your favorite moment in the strip so far. So tell us!

10/19/2004 8:13 PM  
Niels said...

My absolute favorite has to be No.24:
"So what are you holding that lightsaber with?"

10/20/2004 8:21 AM  
toast said...

dude, you rock

10/20/2004 9:16 AM  
Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching #100! Look for me to congratulate you again at #1000.

10/21/2004 4:38 PM  
Anonymous said...

Can someone explain 'retcon', I know what it means but is the word derived from something?

10/23/2004 2:41 AM  
Anonymous said...

"HOLY SHIT! They got Root Beer in here!"

or, of course..

"I *beer* carbs" and the like..

Anyways, congrats on reaching 100, Colin!!

10/23/2004 11:14 AM  
colin said...

"Retcon" /ret'kon/ retroactive continuity.

The common situation in fiction where a new story "reveals" things about events in previous stories, usually leaving the "facts" the same (thus preserving continuity) while completely changing their interpretation. For example, revealing that a whole season of "Dallas" was a dream was a retcon.

This term was once thought to have originated on the Usenet newsgroup news:rec.arts.comics but is now believed to have been used earlier in comic fandom.

10/25/2004 9:31 AM  

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