Sic semper pineapple

I am so tired of this storyline, but it refuses to let me end it.

Let it never be said our author leaves loose ends untied.

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colin said...

Yo. I promise I'll wrap up this bullshit hurricane/pirate/cannibal thing that is going on forever. Sometimes I write the strip, and sometimes it writes me, and write now, the bitch demands continuity.

Meanwhile, I'm going to see team America. I'll make a post in the forum when I get back.

10/18/2004 6:31 PM  
Anonymous said...

Pika! Pika! Zap!

10/19/2004 12:52 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hey. I just noticed we'll have to have a party for the next strip!

10/19/2004 12:53 AM  
Anonymous said...

I thought it was the other guy who had pikachu? So much for continuity.

10/19/2004 11:11 AM  
colin said...

I'll fix it when I get home.

10/19/2004 12:44 PM  
colin said...

How revealing is it, by the way, that I can't even keep those two guys straight. They're pretty much interchangeable by this point.

10/19/2004 12:45 PM  
Anonymous said...

It would be cool if the skeletons were in the pot and the monkeys not, too.

10/19/2004 3:20 PM  

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