Voice throw

Realize that if you assume continuity, someone had to put that corpse in a suit, and there's something wrong with that.

It which loneliness and loss lead to bad ventriloquism.

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colin said...


And I did not finish my novel. The guilt. She eats at me so.

12/01/2004 8:20 PM  
colin said...

Also: More Celebrity Portraits

12/01/2004 9:24 PM  
pasbon said...

Dat's ok...
It runs in the family, I'm told.

12/01/2004 9:42 PM  
Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop you a line and say that I LOVE the strip. And I don't see anything wrong with putting a suit on the corpse...I mean, his office crony obviously has no problem dragging the body around and using it as a puppet. Playing dress-up is just a step away for our serial killer in the making! Hmmmm...or maybe he's a mortician or taxidermist on the side? Wow, his backstory just writes itself!

Is there any way you could do shirts based on the characters? I'd love a Devil-based "Grease Up, Bitches!" shirt.

12/01/2004 9:46 PM  
Anonymous said...


12/01/2004 9:51 PM  
pasbon said...

I also liked the idea of using a corpse as a ventriloquist dummy! Same theory, but bigger and made of meat! Nifty!

12/02/2004 1:04 AM  
Anonymous said...

Have you been watching The Fly, Crabe?
That scene would have been funny if Geena Davis was using Brundlefly as a puppet.

12/02/2004 7:56 AM  
Anonymous said...

colin this is a great comic. keep up the good work. please update more frequently!

12/03/2004 9:45 PM  

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