Raise dead

This is why roleplaying games are dangerous.

In which God's own laws of mortality are broken.

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colin said...


12/13/2004 8:07 PM  
Corey said...

is that a dungeon master's guide!

12/13/2004 9:51 PM  
colin said...

TSR Dungeon Masters Screen Fourth Printing (1980?): Now states "This second edition of the DM Screen..." in the cover text. Wizard logo. "Printed in USA" on the bottom left. Screens have been "redesigned for better clarity", are varnished on both sides, and are now both 11"x25" (a version has been reported with varnish on one side of the screen only -- thanks to John Justice for this info). The artwork paper does not wrap around to the chart-side, nor are the charts pasted on.

I know the DMG would make more sense, but I used this image earlier, and I like to recycle because I'm lazy.

12/13/2004 10:09 PM  

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