Drummer boy

Twice as good as the guy in Def Leppard.

Aspirations to stardom. Delusions of grandeur?

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colin said...

Two strips in one week. I am on some kind of sick roll.

6/16/2005 9:36 PM  
Anonymous said...

You rock, funny-dude!

6/17/2005 12:31 AM  
Niels said...

Oh my god, it's a non-pirate, non-ninja, non-zombie, non-moustache strip? What is this devilry??

6/17/2005 3:28 AM  
assasinine said...

Ooh, he's left handed. That's what the business calls "character development".

6/17/2005 7:36 AM  
Anonymous said...

You owe me a new keyboard and a glass of orange juice, as both of mine became one as the OJ spewed forth from my nostrils upon reading the alternate text of this strip.

6/17/2005 9:18 AM  

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