Vive le roi

He fronts like he didn't wear a beret freshman year.

Not just a fighter, not just a lover, not just a leader, but a god among men.

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colin said...

I can't believe someone felt the need to school me on the Village People last strip. The internet is weird.

So, yeah. Buy a shirt.

9/21/2005 8:35 PM  
assasinine said...


contrats on getting slashdotted

9/22/2005 11:25 AM  
colin said...

In case anyone wondered, the strip didn't get slashdotted. The company I work for did.

Thanks, for the congrats. We actually didn't know what had happened. Our server just bit it all of a sudden. It took a while to figure it out.

9/22/2005 2:16 PM  
Anonymous said...

you got ALOD'd. it happens when you're a really, intensely crappy website that offers nothing cool or meaningful.

i mean, come on, you're making 'dees nuts' references like 8 years after it stopped being cool, along with a poorly MSPainted ninja with hats strip. honestly, this is only mildly better than which your website beats only because it doesn't deal with furries.

in other words, your comic is stupid, and you should take it down posthaste good sir!

11/05/2005 8:39 PM  

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