My copyright claim refers to the text of the strip, and the composition and arrangement of images in the strip. The original creators of each image retain their original copyright, and I make no claim to them. First and foremost the strip is a parody of various things in pop culture, and the images are used in the context of such parody. The likenesses that appear here as characters are not meant to be representative of the actual persons they're likenesses of. I don't know these people. The likenesses are strictly representational of fictional characters.

I have been advised that the strip itself qualifies as Fair Use in regards to individual component images, as it meets or exceeds the four criteria for Fair Use consideration (Publication fl102). The four factors for Fair Use consideration are addressed below:

I have not asked for permission to use any image that appears in this strip. I've used my own judgement to determine if each use has adhered to "de minimis" doctrine (copyrighted material can be used in a derivative work without permission, if only a minimal amount of the original work is used), but that doctrine is only vaguely defined, and I may have crossed the line if the copyright holder considers the portion I used to to be an essential part of the original work. If you are the copyright holder of an image that appears in this strip (or if your likeness appears in the strip) and you take offence to said appearance, please contact me with a request for its removal. I will immediately disable the site until such time as I am able to replace every instance of the copyrighted material as it appears in the strip.

I make the strip as a creative exercise for my own and others amusement, and no offense or harm is meant.